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Why You Should Take Training for an Alcohol License in Dallas, TX

Getting licensed is likely just an item on your to-do list, so taking training may seem tedious to you. However, there are several reasons why you should take this education seriously while pursuing your alcohol license in Dallas, TX. 

First, if you serve alcohol, you have a responsibility to keep your customers and the general public safe. You must avoid serving people who are intoxicated to prevent health emergencies, drunk driving, and more. In 2021, 1,029 people died in Texas due to drunk driving, and another 2,522 were seriously injured. While obtaining an alcohol license, you should study the dangers of alcohol and how to mitigate risk to avoid possible deaths and injuries. 

Likewise, you and/or your business could face serious legal consequences if you break the law—and ignorance is no excuse. While pursuing an alcohol license, you should commit to memory the relevant legislation surrounding selling and serving alcohol to avoid an unfortunate incident. For example, Texas has strict penalties for making alcohol available to minors; you could face a $4,000 fine, up to a year in jail, driver’s license suspension, and even being held personally liable for any damages the minor causes. 

By taking alcohol license training and studying seriously, you gain vital knowledge to protect yourself and the public. Learn more about the licensing process and what you should know by contacting Texas Alcohol Consulting.