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Securing an Alcohol License

By helping you through the liquor license process in Texas, we, at Texas Alcohol Consulting, can save you time and money. Normally, securing an alcohol license can take as long as six months but we are able to complete the task in as little as 60 days. While we work through all the alcohol regulations at play and handle the red tape, you are able to focus on starting your business. 

We have the expertise to get the permitting you need and we are happy to help companies of every size achieve their goal of a liquor license. Our team of professionals works with small businesses and corporations that operate nationwide for a TABC license.

Permit Processing

Helping Companies Throughout the State

No matter where you are in the state, you can rely on our services. Every city has different regulations, but our company knows them all, including those for Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas. We work on your behalf to get Texas alcohol permits from the city or the county.

When to Enlist our Services

The earlier we can get started on the process, the better. We prefer to begin 120 days or more before you open your bar, restaurant, or brewery.

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