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Exploring the New TABC Permit Changes & What it Means for Your Business

Did you know there have been several changes to the TABC permit in Texas? As a business owner, it is crucial to stay informed on any updates that affect your operations, especially regarding alcohol permits. Today, our alcohol permit consulting firm will explore the new TABC permit changes and their implications for your business.

Streamlined Permitting Process – One of the most significant changes to the TABC permit is a new streamlined process. This change aims to simplify the process for new and existing businesses and reduce wait times for approvals. Now, most applications can be completed online, and the processing times have been significantly reduced.

New Fees & Renewal Requirements – Another change to the TABC permit is the introduction of new fees and renewal requirements. As of September 2021, the permit fees have increased for all permit types, including beer, wine, and liquor. Additionally, permit holders are now required to renew their permits every two years instead of annually.

Compliance Checks & Inspections – The TABC is now conducting more frequent compliance checks and inspections to ensure permit holders operate within the law. This means that businesses now face stricter regulations and penalties for non-compliance. It is essential to stay informed and comply with all regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Training & Education Requirements – The TABC now requires all employees who serve or sell alcohol to complete an approved training program. This change aims to promote safe practices and prevent underage drinking. Failure to comply with training requirements could result in fines and other penalties.