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Why You Should Keep Your Staff Up to Date on TABC Licensing

Technically speaking, your staff aren’t legally required to be certified with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). However, it is wise to keep your staff up to date on TABC licensing to protect your business and operate responsibly for the following reasons.

Safe Harbor Laws

TABC licensing goes a long way to protecting your business from liability, thanks to safe harbor laws. If an incident happens, such as selling alcohol to a minor with a fake ID, safe harbor laws can protect your alcohol licenses and permit from being taken away—but you need TABC-certified staff to qualify. Contact Texas Alcohol Consulting to learn more about how safe harbor laws work.

Reduced Liability

When your staff is knowledgeable about the law and trained to deal with common scenarios, unfortunate events are much less likely to occur. TABC licensing teaches important skills and information like identifying fake IDs, determining whether a customer is intoxicated, and more.

Lower Insurance Costs

Finally, insurance rates tend to be lower if you employ staff with TABC licensing for the reasons above. Protecting your bottom line is crucial for businesses, so anything you can do to lower costs and increase safety is well worth it.