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What You Need to Know About TABC Licensing for Wineries

The TABC licensing office offers a designated permit for wineries, known as Winery Permit (G). A G Permit holder may manufacture and store wine, transport alcoholic beverages under certain conditions, and sell to customers, among other things. The following are the basics of what you should know about TABC licensing for wineries. Be sure to do additional research to get the complete details about the parameters of a G Permit. 

Manufacturing, Packaging, and More

The core component of a G Permit is that it allows your winery to manufacture, bottle, label, and package wine. The TABC considers “wine” to include any juice fermented from grapes, berries, other fruits, or honey. Ciders, meads, and fruit brandies qualify. 

You are also permitted to store wine (both manufactured at your facility and not) and transport wine from your distribution center to the purchaser.

Selling, Serving, and More

TBAC licensing for wineries also covers selling and serving wine. With a G Permit, you may sell or give free samples of wine that is either produced by your winery or that comes from another source. You are also permitted to sell wine for consumption off-site. A G Permit also allows you to buy from and sell wine to businesses both in and out of Texas.