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The Importance of TABC Licensing

As you undergo the process of Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) certification, you will likely find yourself wondering why it matters and how it benefits you. While obtaining TABC licensing can feel like a burden to some, the truth is that it delivers important advantages, such:

Job Marketability: Without TABC licensing, you will find it difficult to land any job involving alcohol. While certification isn’t legally mandated, most employers expect it. Thus, it is essentially required, and being certified will open more doors for you.

Useful Training: Although you may not be especially interested in the content, TABC licensing actually delivers great training that will set you up for success in the beverage industry—and beyond. You will learn about liability laws related to alcohol, how to tell when someone has drunk too much, tips for spotting a fake ID, and more.

Employer Protection: Ultimately, businesses need their employees to be TABC certified to qualify for safe harbor laws. These laws protect a business’s alcohol licenses and permits from being taken away automatically if a staff member accidentally sells to a minor or overly intoxicated customer.

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