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TABC Licensing for Serving Alcohol in Restaurants

Your dining establishment will undoubtedly benefit by having a Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) liquor permit. It elevates what your restaurant can offer to patrons and makes it competitive with others.

It takes a lot of paperwork and effort to get TABC licensing for any establishment, but it is not as much of a struggle when you have assistance from a company that knows the ropes. Texas Alcohol Consulting is providing this article so that you can understand what it takes to get a TABC permit.

Several licenses are available depending on which type of business you operate, including breweries, wholesalers, and retail operations. Permits are good for two years from the date of issue.

A retail permit is the one you should apply for when seeking TABC licensing for your restaurant, bar, tavern, or private club, for example. Under the Retail heading, you can obtain a Mixed Beverage Permit. In some cases, under this permit, you may also need a Food and Beverage (FB) Certificate with it. The FB certificate requires the license holder to keep alcohol sales at 60% or less of sales at the location. It allows the business to be considered as a restaurant and exempts the holder from posting an expensive surety bond as required in some cases.

As you can tell, it is not exactly straightforward when determining which permit one should apply for and how to do it. In most cases, it is essential to get guidance from an experienced consulting team to complete the complex paperwork.