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Selling Alcohol Without an Alcohol License in Dallas, TX

You cannot sell alcohol without an appropriate permit. In fact, if you are caught selling without an alcohol license in Dallas, TX, you could face a fine or jail time. However, depending on the circumstances, you may be able to get an inexpensive, temporary permit. Likewise, it is possible to serve or allow alcohol at an event or on-premises within specific guidelines.

Temporary Permits

TABC has several types of temporary permits, ranging from on-premises drinking event authorizations for retailers who already hold a distribution alcohol license to limited permits for special events organized by non-profit organizations. When you are organizing an event at which you plan to sell alcohol, it’s important to do your research and determine whether you qualify for any TABC temporary permits.

Serving Alcohol with No Permit

While you may not be able to secure an alcohol license to sell beverages, you may still be able to serve them. Event organizers may serve alcohol if they do not ask for money in any form, including donations or tips for servers. The drinks must be free to any adult who requests one; if only paying customers receive a drink, it is not really free. Likewise, you may not charge a cover at the door or provide a paid service.