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Reasons your Restaurant Needs a Liquor License

To understand your business there are a few major components that help to determine the success of your restaurant. Profitability can be found in liquor and beer sales, as well as attracting the type of customers you are looking for! Here are a few reasons your business needs a liquor license.

·         Popularity – A restaurant’s reputation is based on the crowd that enters your establishment. Having a liquor license, or TABC license in Texas, is beneficial for attracting a fun crowd that usually has more adults than children. Having an inclusive restaurant can help lead to options like “Margarita Mondays” or other publicity options that attract a crowd. Having a liquor license gives you the freedom to choose how you would like to profit and promote your business.

·         Profit – 20% of sales can be made up of purely alcohol transactions. Consider this shocking statistic when choosing to apply for a liquor license. In areas of the country, like Texas, a TABC license is required as a limitation for the size and clientele of the business. For example, if you are looking to serve only mixed drinks during certain hours of the day, a licensing specialist will help you determine the proper permissions required to save you time and money during the application process.

·         Variety – Depending on the type of business you own, you can attract many types of customers. This could include a crowd that primarily drinks wine. In this case, you would need a TABC license consulting group to help you determine the type of license that would best suit your needs.

Working to get your liquor license can be a very rewarding and a lucrative choice for your business. However, the paperwork and fees can bury you for months at a time. Consider the help of a professional consulting firm to help guide you through the process. Are you in the Houston, Dallas or Austin, TX area? Check out TexasAlcoholConsulting.com, today to learn more about our helpful services! At Texas Alcohol Consulting, we know the city, state and national laws that can help you and your business succeed in becoming profitable with alcohol sales in your restaurant. Contact us today at 512.893.5106.