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How to Renew Your TABC Permit

To obtain a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) permit to serve and sell alcohol at your business, you must meet a stringent set of requirements. That document is not permanent; however, it is issued for a specific period of time and has to be renewed to remain valid. The team at Texas Alcohol Consulting is presenting this article so that you will have the information you need to renew your TABC permit when the time comes. 

Permits are issued for two years. They expire on the second anniversary of the issue date. The cost to renew depends on the type of permit you have. Therefore, it is vital to apply for renewal of the correct type of license for your establishment. A mixed beverage permit for a retail location will cost $2,650 to renew, for example, while a food and beverage certificate costs $1,100.

Depending on your business location, your county or city may need you to pay a local renewal fee separate from your state fee. Additionally, you must answer all the appropriate questions relating to your TABC permit type when renewing. These are the types of areas where permit holders can be delayed in renewing their documentation but working with the team at Texas Alcohol Consulting helps ensure any potential pitfalls are avoided.