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How to Avoid Losing Your Liquor License in Houston, TX

Obtaining a liquor license in Houston, TX, is a pivotal step for the success of your establishment. It requires a great deal of paperwork and attention to detail to finalize the process. Once you have the license, the work is not finished, however. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) can revoke it for violating terms and standards. 

Helping businesses get and keep a liquor license is our area of expertise at Texas Alcohol Consulting, and this article will provide useful information regarding keeping your alcohol certification. 

The most significant violation that will cause revocation of a license is selling alcoholic beverages to minors. This infraction, and similarly over-serving or selling alcohol to those who are already intoxicated, are two of the most common complaints the TABC acts upon to suspend a license. Selling alcohol without a TABC permit is another way to lose your documentation, as is serving alcoholic beverages to non-members in a private club. Public complaints to the commission can lead to a suspension. 

The best way to avoid losing your license is to educate all your staff members on their duties regarding the sale and service of alcohol. Additionally, it is imperative to make sure that you require official identification from all patrons who appear to be under 30. 

For more information on how to avoid losing a liquor license, feel free to contact Texas Alcohol Consulting.