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How Can I Prepare for TABC Licensing?          

Getting a liquor license through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, also known as TABC licensing, is an intricate process. It’s one that requires close attention to detail and the accurate completion of all the necessary forms. At Texas Alcohol Consulting, we help our clients get their licenses. In this article, we will provide information on available courses that can assist with getting a license. 

These courses help applicants by guiding them through the responsibilities pertaining to the specific form of TABC licensing they seek. The courses are not mandatory, but they are helpful, and it can be beneficial to include the certificate of completion when you submit your license paperwork. 

The various courses are provided based on the applicable license. For example, an individual proprietor can take a course, and if the entity applying is a company, then one of the company’s managers or officers can take the course.

Each course consists of several modules that you will need to review under your specific license type. The retailer's one, for instance, has a main module along with others focusing on cash and credit law, marketing practices, brewpub licensing, and a food and beverage certificate module. You can do each course online and then fill out a form attesting that you have completed the training. You can find the courses you need on the TABC website. 

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