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FAQs about Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in Texas

The alcoholic beverage industry in Texas is regulated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Any part of the industry, from brewing to selling, is governed by them. If you are interested in obtaining a TABC license, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What are the requirements for getting a liquor license? You must be at least 21, a law-abiding legal resident of good moral character. There is a fee that goes along with the application as well as specific rules for the type of license you need.

Can a license be transferred to another person or location? No, the license is only good for the person who received it. It may be transferred to another location upon approval of the TABC license.

What is the time frame for receiving a license? Receiving your license can take between 45 and 60 days and may take a bit longer depending on the type of license.

Are there rules on the location of the establishment? There may be rules on a local level concerning how far away you must be from a school, church, or childcare facilities.

May an establishment give away free alcoholic drinks without having a permit? Yes, as long as they are free to everyone. If they are limited to paying customers, then the drink is assumed to be included in the price of the service and would show there is an implied expectation of receiving money.

Can my establishment be searched without a warrant? If you hold a liquor license, it can be searched without a warrant. This applies to any structure or grounds covered by the TABC license.

Is selling growlers permitted? These are permitted as long as you have a Brewpub license, Wine and Beer On-Premise permit, or Retailer’s On-Premise license.

Is it legal for customers to bring their own alcohol to my establishment? Yes, if you have a beer and wine permit or if you do not have any license to sell alcoholic drinks.