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Alcohol Licenses & More: What to Know Before Starting a Business in Dallas, TX

Starting a business is already complicated, but it gets even more complex when alcohol is involved. If you plan to sell or serve drinks, you will likely need to obtain an alcohol license for Dallas, TX, or wherever you plan to operate. Here are the basics you should know before starting your new enterprise.

Location Matters in More Ways Than One

Obviously, location matters for all types of businesses. You want a spot that is conveniently located, well-trafficked, and in an appealing neighborhood for your clientele. However, if you’re selling or serving alcohol, you must consider another factor: public schools. Depending on how close you are to public schools, your bonding costs can change.

There are Many Kinds of Alcohol Licenses

Many people assume there is just a singular alcohol license. In reality, there are several different types of licenses and permits, each tailored to specific needs. The license for selling alcohol that customers will go home with is different from the license for serving alcohol in a restaurant setting, for example. Make sure you apply for the license that best suits how you plan to operate.

Your Staff May Need Certification Too

While your business itself needs an alcohol license, you may need staff who are also acknowledged by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. TABC certification isn’t required by law, but having certified staff puts your business at less risk and lowers your insurance rates.